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3'3"x4'6" Gray Shag Rug SPN2009
Item # 2381546
3'3"x4'6" Navy Shag Rug SPN2007
Item # 2381544
3'3"x4'6" Shag Rug Ivory SPN2028
Item # 2381550
Out of stock
3'3"x4'6" Shag Rug Silvr SPN2010
Item # 2381548
3pc Rug Set Assorted
Item # 2213818
4'4"x6'5" Lodge Area Rug LDG1003
Item # 2649607
Out of stock
4'4"x6'5" Lodge Area Rug LDG1004
Item # 2649614
Out of stock
4'4"x6'5" Lodge Area Rug LDG1006
Item # 2649621
Out of stock
4'4"x6'5" Lodge Area Rug LDG1007
Item # 2649638
Out of stock
4'4"x6'5" Lodge Area Rug LDG1010
Item # 2649645
Out of stock
Item # 0905257
4x6 Plush Area Rug Assorted
Item # 1004815
Out of stock
5 in x 7 ft Key West Patio Rug Asstd
Item # 5202098
5ftx7ft Viking #1 Area Rug
Item # 2268372
Out of stock

If you're looking to put the finishing touches on a space in your home, an area rug is a fantastic solution. These easily removable accessories are often better choices than wall-to-wall carpets, as they tend to be much simpler to clean and maintain. Busy Beaver has a wide variety of area rugs for sale and is here to provide you with high-quality products that fit your style. 

Our Collection of Area Rugs 

Area rugs are great additions to any space in your home. They have the power to tie a room together while providing it with the warmth and comfort it needs to feel like home. We maintain an extensive collection of floor coverings in various sizes to suit your square footage requirements, including 4 x 4, 5 x 7 and 8 x 10 area rugs. 

We know that decorating a home is intensely personal — you may want a cohesive aesthetic throughout or prefer variety for every room. You might even be looking for a wood deck rug to make an outdoor space more inviting. Aside from stocking our inventory with unique proportions, colors and patterns, we ensure we have multiple types of area rugs to meet the needs of various zones in your house. Our selection of area rugs for sale covers the following locations: 

  • Outdoor spaces
  • Living rooms 
  • Bedrooms 
  • Dining rooms 
  • Entryways 

The Pros at Busy Beaver Are Ready to Help

Busy Beaver is a home improvement store with a unique perspective on assisting our local community. We opened our doors in 1975, embarking on a mission to supply our neighbors with high-quality products and services for every kind of DIY project. We want to deliver an exceptional customer experience every time, so working with Busy Beaver offers the following benefits: 

  • Caring professionals: Our team members strive to provide unrivaled value to the communities they serve. Every time you enter one of our stores, you'll be met with familiar smiles and an unmistakable devotion to providing personalized service. 
  • Quality inventory: At Busy Beaver, we don't sacrifice quality for profits. We stock our shelves with the best-made, most useful and most effective products and supplies possible to give you confidence in our solutions. 
  • Fantastic prices: Thanks to our partnership with True Value, we leverage more buying power to acquire our stock at cheaper costs. That means we can provide customers with more affordable prices on premium products.

Busy Beaver Has Area Rugs for Sale Near You

Busy Beaver is ready to help you find what you're looking for when you're in the market for a new area rug. Our expansive collection of indoor and outdoor rugs is perfect for various settings, whether you're sprucing up an apartment or adding the perfect complement to a family cabin. You can count on our team of professionals to help you sort through our offerings to ensure you find the right size and style for your space. 

Our team makes getting the supplies you need quick and easy. We encourage customers to search through our inventory and purchase online — you'll be able to pick your order up in a store near you on the same day. Find a Busy Beaver store in your neck of the woods and purchase your area rug today! 

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