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Find a Home Improvement Store in Your Area

Whether you're a DIY expert or a professional contractor, you can trust Busy Beaver Building Centers to provide the unrivaled support you deserve. We have home improvement stores across Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia, all stocked with the highest-quality building materials and tools to help you complete repairs and upgrades around your property. 

Advantages of Working With Your Local Hardware Store

Big-box stores are in business for one thing — profit. With money on their mind, they often offer little value to their communities. Meanwhile, local home improvement supply stores maintain a close-knit feel, proving themselves fantastic places to get your hands on the tools, supplies and support you need to do your best work. This is exactly what we strive to provide at Busy Beaver.

Some of the unique benefits you'll find at our neighborhood supply store include: 

  • Individualized care: Smaller, community businesses care about providing their customers with meaningful and successful experiences. Here, you'll speak directly with staff members and receive personalized advice regarding products and services. 
  • Expert staff: Supply store professionals leverage their in-depth product knowledge to address customer questions and demands. They get to assist property owners with countless home improvement projects, giving them unrivaled experience they can use to satisfy your specific needs. 
  • Better quality: Local businesses tend to care more about customer satisfaction than pleasing shareholders. This focus means they're more likely to stick with premium products sourced from reputable manufacturers. 

Busy Beaver Building Centers Has Your Back 

Busy Beaver is a trusted home improvement supply store with over 60 years invested in serving homeowners across our territory. We're committed to providing high-quality service you won't find anywhere else. Our experience and partnership with True Value have allowed our team to balance value and affordability in everything we offer. As a wholesale True Value product supplier, we sell some of the industry's finest products at prices you can't beat. 

Our professional team is committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience every time. They've worked with countless homeowners across the region, allowing them to develop a deep understanding of local homes, landscapes and weather patterns. This knowledge base allows our team to adapt our offerings to fit our customers' needs. Whether you're fixing a broken pipe or remodeling your kitchen, Busy Beaver is the home improvement store you can count on. 

Buy Your Supplies Online From Busy Beaver

There's no better partner to have by your side than Busy Beaver. We go above and beyond for every client to deliver an exceptional customer experience with hands-on support and premium products. Our friendly staff is ready to help you find the right tools and supplies to ensure your projects go off without a hitch. 

Busy Beaver is ready to help you tackle your DIY repairs and home improvement jobs with confidence. We offer easy online purchases and convenient same-day, in-store pickups to get your projects underway quickly. We have over 20 stores across the region, making it easy to acquire the products and services you need at prices you'll love. 

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