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Laminate Flooring

7mm Hickory Laminate 23.91SF
Item # 2224002
Out of stock
7mm Lam Crimson Pine 26.80SF
Item # 1088008
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EVA Black Underlayment
Item # 0911111
Out of stock
First Step 3-in-1 Underlay - 100SF
Item # 8001027
Flooring Installation Kit
Item # 0902593
Havana Oak 12mm Water Resistant 12mm Laminate Flooring
Item # 2225489
Out of stock
70-115 10x12 6MIIL Moisture Barricade Film
Item # 8701156
Item # 0899187
Out of stock
70-180 Quiet Cushion Underlayment-100SF
Item # 8701804
Saratoga Hickory 24.17SF 34089
Item # 9017745
Out of stock
Shaw Cumberland WR Laminate
Item # 2204588
Tortona Oak WR Laminate
Item # 2225496
WR Laminate Burnt Haze 19.16SF
Item # 2079817
Out of stock

Laminate Flooring With Underlayment for Sale

When you want to enhance your home's look and function, it's important to choose the right flooring. Laminate enables you to achieve the classic appearance of hardwood or tile in a cost-effective way. Get all the flooring materials and supplies you need from Busy Beaver Building Centers. 

Benefits of Choosing Laminate Flooring

You can install our laminate flooring in many rooms, whether you want to refresh your entryway, living spaces, dining area, bedroom or home office. Our synthetic materials feature high-resolution, realistic images to replicate the look of wood colors and grains. 

The plank constructions usually consist of strong fiberwood cores or plywood. You can add our underlayment or backing layers for extra protection and insulation. Consider these benefits of choosing our laminate flooring for your home improvement project: 

  • Style options: Our selection includes light, medium and dark colorations to suit your preferences. Saratoga hickory laminate's rich, medium-brown hue is a popular choice among industry professionals and homeowners. 
  • Durable materials: We provide strong materials and constructions. A protective wear layer may resist scratches and discoloration, allowing you to maintain your flooring's appearance over time.
  • Easy installations: Our laminate products are easier to install than other flooring options. The materials often come in planks that snap together with a tongue-and-groove system, providing a fairly simple and quick way to transform your home.
  • Affordable pricing: We offer accessible ways to accomplish your home improvements. A laminate flooring installation usually costs less than alternatives, allowing you to save on your overall expenses and allocate those funds toward other goals. 

Our Selection of Laminate Flooring Products

Shopping is easy with Busy Beaver Building Centers. You can get everything you need by shopping online, selecting pickup in-store or visiting your neighborhood center. 

When you shop with us, our friendly team can answer your questions and offer suggestions. We're dedicated to helping you find the right laminate flooring for your home. We provide our customers with the following benefits:

  • Laminate from top manufacturers: Our team is committed to providing you with the best quality possible. The inventory we sell comes from the flooring industry's leading brands.
  • Installation kits: We offer a way to make your project easier with an installation kit. A pull bar protects your floor from scratches, while a tapping block can align your piece into place, and the spacers ensure consistent, visually appealing results.
  • Underlayments: Our underlayments can enhance your flooring. The proper installations offer a way to increase your comfort, insulation and noise reduction — some underlayments can also improve moisture resistance, which works especially well for exterior laminate flooring. 

Explore Saving Opportunities for Laminate Flooring

At Busy Beaver Building Centers, we aim to be your neighborhood's favorite home improvement center. We provide a versatile assortment of products and supplies. View our Online Deals of the Day and Specials in the Weekly Ad to learn how to save on your project.

Want Saratoga hickory flooring or a different type of design? Select the quantities you'd like and fill out your delivery instructions. You can also use our locator tool to find your closest center and pick up your order or shop in person today. 

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