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Have a cabinet, piece of furniture or wall you want to transform? Whether you want to update specific fixtures or refresh your entire home, shop at Busy Beaver Building Centers to find interior and exterior paint for sale near you. We have all the supplies you'll need for your project. 

Our Wall Paint, Tools, and Equipment

At Busy Beaver Building Centers, we offer ways to bring your ideas to life and accomplish your goals. Browse our inventory of supplies and house paint for sale at great prices.


Our construction adhesives and glues or epoxy ensure paint sticks to a surface. Applying these products promotes visually pleasing and durable results. 

Busy Beaver Paint and Accessories

We sell paints and primers in flat, eggshell and semi-gloss varieties. You can select gallon or quart sizes and stock up on other accessories, including rollers, trays, brushes and kits. 

Caulks and Sealants

Our caulks and sealants help you prepare your surface for painting. The materials can conceal cracks, fill gaps or seal out moisture and drafts on your property. 

Concrete and Garage Floor Coatings

We carry concrete and garage floor coatings, including Rustoleum and UGL paint. You can refresh the look of a space while protecting the surface from moisture, chemical spills, oil spills and everyday wear and tear. 

Craft and Art Supplies

Our craft and art supplies provide plenty of ways to fuel your creativity for hours. The paint, brushes and miscellaneous kits are ideal for hobby enthusiasts, supervised children and artists. 

Exterior Wood Stains and Sealers

We sell exterior wood stains and sealers from leading brands. You can have peace of mind knowing you're getting the best results possible when you choose reputable, well-favored products. 

Exterior Paint

Our selection of exterior paint is highly durable. The Glidden brand is popular for its resistance to fading, cracking and peeling.

Interior Paint

We offer quality projects that help you achieve a fresh look with interior house paint for sale. You can save time and effort when you choose options allowing full coverage with one coat. 

Interior Wood Stains and Finishes

Our collection of wood stains and finishes includes a wide array of light, medium and dark colorations. The options allow you to enhance the protection of trim, cabinetry, furniture and flooring. 

Paint Sprayers

We have many paint sprayers and related tools such as bags, filters, hoses, nozzles and additives. You can use them to spread paints, stains or finishes quickly. 

Paint Tools and Supplies

Our paint tools and supplies include everything you need for a project. We carry items such as trays, liners, brushes, rollers, thinners, cleaners, sandpaper, tape, tarps and drop cloths.

PPG Professional Paint

We carry PPG professional paints in our inventory. These top-quality products work well for interior and exterior applications. 


Our selection of primers prepares a surface by sealing any stains and creating adhesion before you add paint. You can choose from leading brands, like Glidden and Zinsser. 

Spray Paint and Can Enamels

We offer spray paint and canned enamels, which typically leave a glossy finish. The products dry quickly, allowing you to transform applications like indoor furnishings and outdoor metal objects easily. 

True Value Paint

Our True Value paint is a favorite choice among painters. You can choose the best options from our collections of exterior and interior house paints for sale. 

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Have an upcoming project? Busy Beaver Building Centers offers delivery, in-store pickup and in-person shopping to suit your preferences. Check out our list of locations to find your neighborhood's best home improvement store today! 

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