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FLUIDMASTER Click Seal Series B4T12UCSR Connector, 12 in L
Item # 2810240
Korky 2003MP Valve Repair Kit
Item # 243221
Out of stock
3" Flush Val Repair Kit 3003BP
Item # 243222
Out of stock
FLUIDMASTER PerforMAX Series 400CAR3P5 Toilet Fill Valve and Flapper Kit,
Item # 1014221
Fluidmaster 6110 Tank-to-Bowl Gasket, 3 in Dia, Foam Rubber, Red, For:
Item # 1406347
FLUIDMASTER 5403P4/5403 Toilet Flapper For 3 in Flush Valves
Item # 2962843
3/8x20 CHR Toilet Tube 881003RP
Item # 546186
Out of stock
FLUIDMASTER 400ACN3P5 Fill Valve, 9 to 14 in Connection, Plastic Body,
Item # 2810208
PlumbCraft 7641500T Toilet Bolt Cap, Plastic, White
Item # 2926293
FLUIDMASTER 502P21 Toilet Flapper Plastic Red For 1.6 gal Toilets
Item # 2962751
PlumbCraft 7030100N Toilet Ballcock
Item # 2923951

Are you looking to fix a leaky or defective toilet without replacing the whole thing? If you're wondering where to find toilet replacement parts in West Virginia, Pennsylvania or Ohio, look no further than Busy Beaver Building Centers.

With multiple locations and various replacement parts and kits to choose from, we'll help you find the solutions you need to keep your toilet reliable and functional. Check out the different toilet products we offer below.

Toilet Pump Replacement Kits

Old and worn valve seals or toilet flappers can quickly lead to leaks. Because the flapper — a device that closes the opening between the toilet bowl and tank — is made of rubber that gradually degrades, it's important to check this component regularly.

You should replace it at least every five years to prevent leaks and maintain a secure seal. A worn-out flapper can cause your toilet to flush on its own and leak thousands of gallons of water a year.

The most significant benefit of fixing your toilet is that it's more cost-effective than a total replacement. Repairing a faulty valve or flapper is usually a simple task that doesn't require advanced skills or tools, so you can easily do this job yourself and avoid labor costs.

Toilet repair kits let you do a complete overhaul of your toilet. They typically have all the parts you need, including a flapper, flush valve, fill valve and hardware. You can seamlessly address leaks, excess running, delayed refilling, noisy units and other issues. Replacing toilet parts is a quick, simple fix that saves water, time and money.

Our Available Toilet Fill Valve Parts

A fill valve opens the supply pipe when water is below a certain level. Then, the tank empties after you flush it, and the valve allows water to flow into the tank. The valve automatically shuts off and stops the flow once the water reaches a certain level. 

The more toilet water leaks, the more the water level drops. Over time, this water reduction forces the fill valve to work overtime to fill it back up. Replacing the flapper that seals the valve opening is a standard solution to this problem. This job is easier with a high-quality toilet leak repair kit. Luckily, we have a range of valve and flapper kits available at Busy Beaver!

Find Toilet Repair Kits for Sale at Busy Beaver Building Centers

Having been in the home improvement industry since 1962, our team at Busy Beaver provides excellent products and customer service. You can order your products online, then pick them up at one of our 25 store locations. We even match competitor prices so you can get the toilet repair kits you need at a flexible cost. We also offer:

Let Busy Beaver Building Centers help you find the toilet parts you need. Explore our toilet repair kits and order yours today!

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