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Garden Tools

Garden Tools

Home Improvement Lawn and Garden Tools 

Gardening is easier when you use the right tools for digging, pruning and landscaping. Busy Beaver Building Centers sells various garden tools that transform lawns into beautiful outdoor environments. 

Our well-trained customer service team will help you get the right equipment for every task. We supply the tools you need throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. You can visit our stores or order online by 5 p.m. and pick up on the same day. 

Benefits of Our Garden and Landscape Tools

Gardeners passionate about tending to their flowers and plants need multiple items to achieve their ideal yard. We have multiple types of tools in our home improvement centers to bring your vision to life! Find and visit the store near your home to get what you need. 

We match our competitors' prices so you can start gardening on your budget. If you need tools for soil preparation, cutting and weeding, you can pick up everything in one go. 

We have new deals online every day. Our loyalty program lets you save even more and get all the items you need. Join the program and shop all our products including lawn and garden supplies, appliances and hardware. 

Our employees are knowledgeable in every product line in our stores. If you're new and don't know which spade or pruners to get, ask one of our team members — they can recommend items that will complete any gardening task, keeping anything in mind from the local weather to your specific needs. 

Types of Gardening Tools Available

You can get the following lawn and garden tools in our stores:

General Garden Tools and Supplies

We have various items to complete projects for small gardens and extensive lawns that require constant care. You'll find tools like shovels, scissors, forks and garden trowels. Keep your plants looking lush with other supplies like plant vitamin solutions and moisture meters.

Landscaping Tools

If you have trees, shrubs, flowers or fruits that need to look more appealing, we have shears, pruners and saws with steel blades. Our customer service team can advise on the best pruning item to pick if it's your first time and you're unsure which tool to get. 

Wheelbarrows and Carts

When you're landscaping, you'll move tools, soil and plants across different parts of your lawn. A wheelbarrow or cart will help you transport these items with ease and lighten the load of landscaping work. We also have replacement wheels if your current wheelbarrow just needs an upgrade.

Tips to Care for Your Tools

Garden tools last for an extended period when you take care of them. Here are some tips to maintain your items:

  • Clean your tools after using them
  • Store the items in a dry place
  • Transport and store tools with any safety guards on

Buy Your Garden Tools From Busy Beaver Building Centers

Tackle landscaping projects large and small with tools from Busy Beaver Building Centers. Browse our gardening equipment today! You can order your tools online by 5 p.m. and pick up in one of our stores, or visit us in person for extra help. 

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