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Lawn and Garden Equipment for Sale

A well-maintained landscape leaves a good impression and offers a way to boost your curb appeal. However, the seasonal and year-round costs can add up if you hire professionals to handle your landscaping services. 

Instead, you can get the job done for less when you buy your own tools, supplies and equipment. Get everything you need from your local Busy Beaver Building Centers. 

Our Different Types of Tools and Equipment

At Busy Beaver Building Centers, we provide a wide array of tools and equipment. Our products help you keep your patio, lawn, garden and backyard in excellent condition. You can create a customer account and log in to see the available inventory at your neighborhood's favorite home improvement center. 

Garden Fencing

Want to separate your plants in a visually pleasing way with decorative fences? Our edging defines clear borders and pathways in your garden. 

Garden Tools

Our inventory includes all the essential and specialty tools you need for your garden and outdoor areas. The diverse assortment ranges from saws and machetes to carts and wheelbarrows. 

Insect and Pest Control

You can have peace of mind protecting your property with the right solutions. Our preventive care and repellants offer an effective way to keep pests like insects, rodents and animals away.


Want to create a beautiful lawn or peaceful oasis in your backyard? We offer ways to enrich your soil for thriving greenery, fill your garden beds with mulch and line your pathways with stone. 

Lawn Care and Plant Care

Whether you want to boost growth with plant food or prevent weeds with strong herbicides, you can find what you need at our online and in-person stores. Our inventory includes a diverse range of organic or chemical products for you to choose from.  

Lawn Plants and Flowers

You can create a lively, vibrant environment with our wide array of plants and flowers. They make a great addition to any space in pots or vessels, flowerbeds, hanging baskets and greenhouses. 

Outdoor Power Equipment

Any home improvement task is possible with our power equipment. Our tools give you the speed, strength and durability you need to cut down branches, trim hedges, blow away leaves, mow the lawn, pressure wash grime and remove snow.


Want an outdoor space where you can lounge, dine or host gatherings with your friends and family? Pick your favorite chairs, furniture and shade coverings for your patio and yard. 

Pots and Planters

If you don't already have them, you can get some green thumbs when you buy our pots, planters and accessories. They're visually appealing and support various types of greenery. 

Sheds, Garages and Outdoor Storage

Keep all your gardening supplies, tools and equipment out of sight with our storage sheds. They protect your items from weather elements, and you can add a lock for enhanced security. 

Watering and Irrigation

Taking care of your landscape is easy with our watering and irrigation products. We offer everything you need, including hoses, nozzles and repair kits. 

Find Lawn and Garden Equipment Near You

Ready to maintain your landscape or transform your outdoor spaces? Browse our inventory and purchase your items today! You can also use our locator tool to find lawn and power equipment near you. You can visit Beaver Building Centers for pickup orders and in-store shopping.

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