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1.33GAL RTU  WeedClear 0447505
Item # 262129
1.33GAL Weed Stop
Item # 203178
Ortho WEEDCLEAR 0447605 Weed Killer Refill Liquid 1.33 gal Bottle
Item # 262130
Spectracide HG-66001 Weed and Grass Killer Liquid Amber 16 oz
Item # 223587
Ortho WEEDCLEAR 0447705 Weed Killer Liquid 24 oz Bottle
Item # 262131
24OZ RTU WeedClear
Item # 272652
Out of stock
Ortho GROUNDCLEAR 4613406 Weed and Grass Killer Liquid Spray Application
Item # 261898
Ortho WEEDCLEAR 447905 Lawn Weed Killer Liquid 32 oz Bottle
Item # 262132
32OZ Concen WeedClear 0204710
Item # 272655
32OZ CRBGRS Weed Stop HG-96590
Item # 268632
Out of stock
32OZ Ext Weed/Grass HG-96805
Item # 102530
Out of stock
Ortho WEEDCLEAR 447805 Lawn Weed Killer Liquid Spray Application 32 oz
Item # 262139

Weed Killer

Prevent weeds from overtaking your outdoor spaces with effective weed control solutions from Busy Beaver Building Centers. Our range of weed killers can suit all lawn maintenance needs, from spot-treating to broad applications. Check out our selection and visit our store for expert assistance.

Eliminate Unwanted Plants From Your Garden

Weed killers get rid of weeds that would otherwise compete with plants for water, sunlight, nutrients and other resources, impacting their quality and quantity. These lawn weed killers are specially formulated to help you tackle troublesome plants by stopping their growth. Weed control solutions can be used on lawns, patios, gardens and driveways.

Our Lawn Weed Killers

We offer a vast selection of weed preventers and killers, and picking the right solution for your needs means proper application and effectiveness. Our selection includes different types of weed killers that can be used before or after weeds grow and to target specific plants or entire vegetations.

  • Pre-emergent: Pre-emergent weed preventers are applied before weeds emerge from the soil and stop them from growing. These herbicides deprive weed seeds of essential nutrients and create a chemical barrier around them that prevents root growth.
  • Post-emergent: When weeds spring up in your garden or lawn, post-emergent herbicides are the best option for controlling the pesky plants. The weed killer is applied after the weeds have emerged from the soil to kill them from the root up or to prevent photosynthesis.
  • Selective: A selective weed killer is formulated to target specific weeds or weed categories. The herbicide usually contains ingredients that are harmful to weeds while having less of an effect on your surrounding plants.
  • Non-selective: Non-selective herbicides work on a broad range of weeds and plants, killing off all the undesirables in the area. These weed killers are ideal for driveways or areas near fences.

Find the Ideal Weed Killer

When it comes to weed control, you need to consider your lawn's current situation to choose the right herbicides and get optimal results. We carry an extensive inventory, so you're bound to find the ideal weed killer in our selection. Here are a few factors you need to consider before you choose:

  • The types of weeds you're dealing with
  • Extent of the infestation
  • Season and weather
  • The safety of your children or pets

Our knowledgeable, friendly in-house team can also assist you in selecting the best weed preventer or killer for your needs.

Why Choose Us for Weed Control?

Busy Beaver Building Centers is a trusted one-stop shop for all things lawn and plant care. With our extensive selection of quality weed killer sprays and in-house expert team on your side, you'll have everything you need to keep your outdoor space free of weeds. We have decades of experience in the industry and have always been driven by our commitment to helping our communities navigate DIY projects with ease.

Purchase Our Lawn Weed Killers

We are here to help you maintain the perfect garden by keeping it weed-free with our quality herbicides. Browse through our weed killer section and place an order online. You can also find your neighborhood store for convenient curbside pickup.

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