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15LB CRBGRS Control 24-64151
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16OZ Conc Bagworm Spray 10082
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16OZ Conc Dormant Spray 32033
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16OZ Conc Neem Oil 024
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16OZ Conc Sys Fungicide 11377
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16OZ Conc Yield Booster 10607
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16OZ Consan Fungicide 10390
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16OZ Fruit Tree Spray 10131
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16OZFishEmul Fertilizer 10611
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ecoscraps 22311 Slow-Release Fertilizer Granular 45 lb Bag
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3-In-1 Weed & Feed/
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Keep your lawn healthy, nourished and green with quality fertilizers from Busy Beaver Building Centers. We carry a wide selection of lawn fertilizers, including liquid, organic, granular and synthetic options to suit all your fertilization needs. View our lawn care products and visit our store today.

Types of Lawn Fertilizers We Offer

The different types of lawn fertilizers we have in our extensive inventory include:

Granular Fertilizers

Granular fertilizers are small, pellet-like granules usually applied on the lawn with a spreader or by hand. These dry particles break down slowly and gradually add nutrients to the soil over time. Since granular fertilizers are slow-release, they do not need to be reapplied often. All they require is to be watered into your lawn to dissolve.

Liquid Fertilizers

Our liquid fertilizers offer a fast absorbent way to nourish your grass. They contain a liquid concentration of nutrients that you dilute with water and spray on your lawn. The grass absorbs the nutrients quickly, so you may start to see the effects of a liquid fertilizer in a few days.

Organic Fertilizers

When you're looking for an environmentally friendly solution, our organic fertilizers are an excellent choice. This grass fertilizer is made up of organic matter and recycled nutrients designed to improve the health of your soil. Organic matter slowly releases nutrients into the soil, providing long-lasting benefits.

Synthetic Fertilizers

Our synthetic fertilizers are fast-acting, and plants take up the nutrients they provide almost immediately. They come in different forms, including dry granules or water-soluble products, and offer consistent feeding.

When Is the Right Time to Fertilize Your Lawn?

Your lawn can benefit from fertilizers all year round, but timing is essential for getting the most out of lawn fertilizers. As seasons change and bring different weather conditions, your lawn fertilization needs will also change.

  • Spring: Fertilizing in early to mid-spring strengthens the roots and gives your lawn a good start in preparation for its growth throughout the seasons.
  • Summer: Early summer is a good time to fertilize your lawn, especially if you have warm-season grass. This type of grass requires a lot of nutrients to grow during the hot summer months.
  • Fall: Fertilizing your lawn in the fall provides much-needed nutrients to recover from the summer and prepare for the winter.

Why Busy Beaver Building Centers Stands Out for Lawn Care?

When it comes to lawn care, Busy Beaver Building Centers offers a wide variety of products to support your needs. With our turf builders and grass fertilizers, you'll find what you need to nourish your lawn. To help ensure your lawn care project fits your budget, we match most of our competitors' prices and offer the best deals on our products.

If you need help choosing the right grass fertilizer, visit our store and speak to our in-house expert team. They are educated on all our fertilizers and can provide effective and tailored solutions.

Shop Our Lawn Fertilizer Online Today

Let us help you improve your lawn's health and revitalize its appearance with our quality fertilizers. Explore our fertilizer options and order online today. You can also find our store near your home for curbside pickup or to speak with our team.

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