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Lumber and Composites

Lumber and Composites

Have an idea for a hobby or home improvement project? Busy Beaver Building Centers carries all the materials you'll need, including boards, planks, decking and accessories. Shop our inventory of high-quality, in-stock items today!

Types of Lumber and Wood Composites We Have Available

At Busy Beaver Building Centers, we carry products for versatile applications. Our collection of lumber comes in many wood species, including classic favorites like Pine and Oak. We also sell composite dimensional lumber made with wood fibers, plastic and binding agents. 

Boards and Planks

Our boards and planks are excellent materials for crafting, woodworking and building. You can choose some options with kiln-dried surfaces on four sides — this treatment removes moisture from the wood, preventing appearance changes and resulting in extreme durability. 

Composite Decking

We provide composite decking products, including clam shells, in 12-foot or 16-foot dimensions. The sub-surface clips offer an easy installation without deck screws for a smooth finish with proper drainage and ventilation. 

Deck Accessory

Our selection of deck accessories includes the pieces you'll need for an easy installation with a seamless result. You can choose the width for joist tapes and pick pressured-treated stair stringers with up to six steps. 

Dimensional Lumber

We carry pre-dimensioned wood with various lengths and widths. The lumber is a standard choice for wood-frame construction, including walls, floors and roofs. 

Dowel Rods and Accessories

Our dowel rods and accessories are ideal structural components for model airplanes and bridges and woodworking crafts. You can use pieces like dowel pins and plugs to hide screws, enhancing the overall look of your project.

Hardwood Boards

We sell poplar and oak hardwood boards featuring uniform appearances. The complex structures offer impressive durability, allowing you to maintain fixtures like furniture or flooring for generations. 


Our selection of lattice products includes wood and vinyl varieties with 8-foot lengths. You can easily cut and finish the pieces for deck and porch skirting or craft projects like headboards and wall art. 

Plywood and OSB

We have a vast collection of plywood and oriented strand boards (OSBs) with sizes averaging 4 feet by 8 feet in dimensions. The options we carry include various thicknesses.

Pressure Treated Lumber

Our popular pressure-treated lumber contains preservatives to extend the material's life span. Choose from our Better Treated Boards, a number two type of lumber that meets many building codes for strength. 

Primed Boards

We provide some spruce-pine primed boards made with kiln-dried processes for next-level consistency and durability. The materials work well for trim, shelving and furniture projects. 

Project Panels

Our wood project panels include birch, spruce-pine-fir, laminated, tempered, particle board and fiberboard options with straight edges. You can use these cost-effective options to build cabinets or furniture. 

Shims and Wood Shingles

We carry shims and wood shingles, allowing you to make your materials square and leveled. The small packs offer easy storage and enough quantities to complete your task or job. 

Ties and Timbers

Our ties and timbers feature round or square edges and come in many sizes. You can use the pieces in landscaping or railroad projects.

Have an Upcoming Project? Find Lumber Near You

 Busy Beaver Building Centers is proud to be your neighborhood's home improvement center. Order your materials online or check out our locations and visit one of our stores today to get treated or untreated lumber near you.

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