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Pressure Treated Lumber

Pressure Treated Lumber

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Treated Mailbox Post
Item # 2609261
1 x 4 - 8' #2 or Better Treated Board
Item # 0406405
1 x 6 - 8' #2 or Better Treated Board
Item # 0408526
Out of stock
2 x 10 - 12' #2 or Better Treated Lumber
Item # 0408583
2 x 10 - 16' #2 or Better Treated Lumber
Item # 0408591
2 x 10 - 8' #2 or Better Treated Lumber
Item # 0408617
2 x 12 - 12' #2 or Better Treated Lumber
Item # 0407213
2 x 12 - 16' #2 or Better Treated Lumber
Item # 0408587
2 x 12 - 8' #2 or Better Treated Lumber
Item # 0408625
2 x 4 - 10' #2 of Better Treated Lumber
Item # 0401356
2 x 4 - 12' #2 or Better Treated Lumber
Item # 0401372
2 x 4 - 16' #2 or Better Treated Lumber
Item # 0401380
2X4-8 ft Treated Lumber
Item # 0401257
2 x 6 - 10' #2 or Better Treated Lumber
Item # 0401430
2 x 6 - 12' #2 or Better Treated Lumber
Item # 0401455

Pressure-Treated Lumber for Sale

Want to build a piece of furniture or complete some home improvements? You can create high-quality results with pressure-treated lumber in an array of sizes. Your local Busy Beaver Building Centers will provide all the materials, supplies and tools you need to accomplish your project goals. 

Benefits of Pressure-Treated Lumber

Wood is popular for many reasons. It offers versatility, allowing you to build anything, ranging from coffee tables to houses. In the last century, pressure-treated lumber was invented to upgrade traditional materials. Pressure-treated lumber offers several advantages:

  • Enhanced longevity: A high-pressure system injects preservatives into the wood during manufacturing. These ingredients offer resistance to insects, moisture and severe weather. As a result, the wood can last longer. 
  • Reliable product quality: With repeated steps in a manufacturing process, you can count on high-quality lumber grade and consistency in your lumber selection. The treatments offer increased protection throughout transportation and storage, so the pieces can better maintain their ideal appearance and shape, ensuring your satisfaction over time. 
  • Better outdoor protection: Because pressure-treated wood is so durable, it's an ideal choice for outdoor applications. You can use pressure lumber in many projects, whether you want to create lounge chairs or upgrade your property's fence. Many building codes require this lumber treatment in retaining walls, posts or beams and any wood that touches concrete or masonry. 

Feel free to explore our other lumber and composite products. Our selection ranges from boards and planks to dowel rods and accessories and many other options. 

Why Choose Busy Beaver Building Centers?

At Busy Beaver Building Centers, we make it our mission to be your neighborhood's favorite home improvement center. We offer an accessible way to get all your materials, with items ranging from pressure-treated two-by-fours to two-by-12s and other sizes. Here are some benefits of shopping with us:

  • Saving opportunities: We offer ways to get the high-quality products you want for less. Check out our Deals of the Day and Specials in our Weekly Ad to learn how to save on your woodworking or home improvement projects. If you want the best deals and discounts, sign up for our loyalty rewards program online. 
  • Unbeatable prices: Our stores provide the best pressure-treated lumber prices. We offer a price match guarantee on local competitor prices, with identical products verified and restrictions applied. When you shop for your lumber and other supplies with us, you have peace of mind knowing you're getting the greatest value. 
  • Outstanding shopping experience: Our company offers ways to shop online, request in-store pickup or shop in person. Our friendly staff is ready and willing to help you. We can answer your pressure lumber questions and offer suggestions aligned with your preferences. 

Get Your Home Improvement Supplies Today

Need two-by-four or four-by-four pressure-treated lumber? Whether you require wood, other building materials, stain paint, tools or equipment for your project, our team can help you find what you're looking for. 

We have many locations throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. You can use our store locator to find the closest Busy Beaver Building Centers store near you and visit us today! 

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