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2cu. Naturesapes-Forest Brown
Item # 168659
2cu. Naturescapes-Classic Black
Item # 168660
2cu. Naturescapes-Sierra Red
Item # 168658
Black Cedar Mulch
Item # 704934
Out of stock
Pine Bark
Item # 499509
Out of stock
Black Dyed Mulch-2cu.
Item # 3145356
Item # 2259992
Out of stock
Brown Dyed Mulch-2cu.
Item # 3145364
GARICK BG2CFDMBGT Mulch, Black, 2 cu-ft Bag
Item # 192210
Out of stock
Brown Mulch
Item # 192212
Out of stock
Red Mulch
Item # 186456
Out of stock
TIMBERLINE 52055476 Hardwood Mulch, 2 cu-ft Bag
Item # 2205037
Out of stock
Item # 2203057
Out of stock

Mulch offers an excellent solution for enhancing your curb appeal. This material makes maintaining your garden, yard or landscape simple and convenient, so Busy Beaver Building Centers provides high-quality options at great prices.

Reasons to Use Mulch

You can add mulch to your garden beds or high-traffic areas to create walking paths. When added to your lawn or ground, it performs the following functions:

  • Prevents weeds: Mulch reduces weeds and makes any potential growth easier for gardeners to pull. 
  • Reduces erosion: A layer of mulch slows runoff and can avoid soil detachment in a landscape.
  • Acts as insulation: Mulch offers better temperature control, keeping soil cooler during the summer. 
  • Improves soil quality: A layer of mulch breaks up clay, allowing better air and water movement.
  • Offers better water retention: Mulch reduces how much water can evaporate from your soil.

4 Tips for Buying Mulch Bags on Sale

Choosing the right mulch can provide an appearance you like and meet all your landscaping needs. Follow these steps for picking the perfect bags or selecting a mulch in bulk:

1. Pick a Color 

What color would you like? Black mulch creates a bold contrast against green foliage and looks contemporary. Brown mulch softens the looks of homes with vibrant brick. Red mulch is well-suited for properties with light, warm and gold tones. 

2. Select the Material

Our inventory includes different compositions and sizes. Traditional mulch has a medium consistency and is generally made from woods like pine or cedar. It's ideal for slopes, walkways and gardens. Rubber mulch nuggets have a thicker consistency and nonporous qualities. You can apply it to various applications, including children's playgrounds. 

3. Choose the Best Brands

We offer mulch from trusted brands. Scotts is an ideal brand for mulch, and NatureScape is a favorite among those who prefer brown mulch nuggets. You can take a look at our reviews if you'd like to learn more. 

4. Buy the Amount You Need

Our stores offer black, brown and red mulch on sale in bags or in bulk. Our bulk quantities are measured in cubic yards. To determine how much mulch you'll need, multiply the square feet you want to cover by the depth in fractions of a foot rather than inches. Then, divide your answer by 27. 

If you'd like assistance figuring out how much mulch you'll need, visit your closest Busy Beaver Building Center. Our professionals can help you consider your project and answer your questions.

Why Buy From Busy Beaver Building Centers?

At Busy Beaver Building Center, we're proud to make shopping easy. When you make a customer account with us, you can see accurate pricing and inventory at your local store. We offer several ways to save with our Online Deal of the Day and deals and rewards in our loyalty program. 

Visit Your Neighborhood's Best Home Center Today

Ready to improve your landscaping's beauty and function? Browse our mulch options and place your order! You can also look at our list of locations and visit your neighborhood's Busy Beaver Building Center today. 

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