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Potting Soil
Item # 148814
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15LB 5-10-5 GDN Food
Item # 171483
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sun gro BLACK GOLD 1410102 16.0 QT P Potting Mix Granular Brown/Earthy
Item # 142694
Premier 0128P Peat Moss 2.2 cu-ft Bale
Item # 702565
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Granular Limestone
Item # 795187
Item # 795146
Organic Valley 33443-RDC04-DI Potting Soil 40 lb
Item # 199602
GARICK 33441 Topsoil 40 lb Bag
Item # 368407
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Oldcastle 54051100 Athletic Field Marker
Item # 704963
6QT Tropical Pot Mix
Item # 103167
8QT Vermiculite 1490202.Q08P
Item # 161254
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Miracle-Gro 72078430 Potting Mix 8 qt Bag
Item # 2215143

Use potting soils and soil additives from Busy Beaver to give your garden the nourishment it needs. We are the go-to home improvement center for homeowners throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia, and we're committed to providing the highest-quality gardening products at competitive prices. 

Importance of Using High-Quality Soil and Conditioners

Plants require healthy, safe environments to grow and thrive, which is not always possible with local soil types. High-quality soil provides plants with vital nutrients and moisture and gives your garden the right structure to facilitate meaningful growth. 

Potting mixes and soils are made up of organic and inorganic materials like manure, perlite, aged bark, sand and many others, and each formula is expertly mixed to improve drainage and aeration. Fertilizers and other additives are also often included in mixes to improve nutrient profiles and accomplish tasks like balancing pH. 

Soil conditioners are important additives that boost your soil's structure to allow for better airflow and water retention. They break up the soil, creating more space for microorganisms to live and helping roots take hold. Conditioners are often compared to fertilizers, yet they differ in how they benefit a plant's growth. Fertilizers provide nutrients, while conditioners alter a soil's arrangement for a more successful outcome. 

Types of Soil Conditioners and Soils We Sell

At Busy Beaver, we understand how important plants are to your home's appearance. We offer homeowners a wide range of soil types and conditioners, making it easy to transform your garden into a thriving ecosystem. Whether you're upgrading your outdoor flowerbeds or adding some plants to your indoor living space, we have the right product selection to help it happen. Some of our most popular items include:

  • Just Natural Potting Mix 
  • Organic Valley Topsoil 
  • Miracle-Gro Refresh Soil Revitalizer
  • Granular Limestone
  • Scotts Turf Builder 

Busy Beaver Is Your Neighborhood Home Improvement Store

When it's time to give your garden a boost, Busy Beaver has the solutions you need. As a True Value verified wholesale supplier, we have access to a wider range of supplies than many of our competitors. This partnership gives our team more buying power, enabling us to get our hands on high-quality products at lower prices — putting more savings back in your pockets. 

Our dedication to the community sets our team apart from the competition. Our professionals leverage decades of experience to offer personalized services that adapt to our customers' needs and challenges. You'll find helpful, friendly staff members at each of our 20-plus locations throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. Regardless of what you're working on, the Busy Beaver team has the resources and capabilities to help you succeed in your DIY projects. 

Buy Bagged Soil at a Store Near You

Strengthen your green thumb with high-quality soil and soil conditioners from Busy Beaver. Our extensive supply of products from high-quality brands like Miracle-Gro and Scotts gives you confidence in a gardening solution that generates meaningful results. If you want to give our soil or soil conditioners a shot, purchase yours online and pick it up from one of our physical locations on the same day. 

Questions? Fill out our contact form to connect with a knowledgeable team member! 

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