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Master Gardner 805-CS Garden Peg Plastic
Item # 3203775
Master Gardner 0808 Medium Frost Jacket 4 ft L 4 ft W
Item # 184800
Green Thumb 313-GT Landscape Fabric, 1.8 oz/sq-yd Coverage Area, 100 ft L, 3
Item # 3203636
3 in x 100 ft Landscape Fabric
Item # 3203619
FABRIC 3ftX50ft 10YR 104-GT
Item # 3203601
Master Gardner 9113-P Preen Weed Barrier 50 ft L 3 ft W Fabric
Item # 3203635
Master Gardner 500 Series 508 Burlap Fabric 50 ft L 3 ft W
Item # 184815
Weed Ender 428-P Landscape Fabric, 50 ft L, 4 ft W
Item # 3203668
Master Gardner 734 Seed and Frost Blanket, 25 ft L, 6 ft W, White
Item # 3203742
6x50PlantProtect Fabric SUPREME6
Item # 141350
Master Gardner 703 Fabric Pin Steel
Item # 3203759
Master Gardner 710 Wildlife Netting 20 ft L 7 ft W
Item # 3203734
Master Gardner 500 Series 504 Landscape Fabric 20 ft L 3 ft W Burlap Tan
Item # 3203726

Weed fabric is the ideal solution for preventing weeds from growing and creating a healthy environment for your plants to flourish. We offer a selection of weed barriers, from eco-friendly to heavy-duty landscape fabric. Explore our options and order today to get the benefits of these landscaping essentials.

Discover the Benefits of Our Weed Control Fabric

Spending time pulling out weeds as you tend to your garden can quickly become tedious. While there are other methods for getting rid of these unwanted plants, landscape fabric offers its own unique benefits for getting the job done. We carry a range of weed-control fabrics that come with the following advantages:

Discourages Weeds

Landscape fabric is mainly used to prevent weeds from sprouting, growing and spreading around the garden. The fabric works as a physical barrier between the sun and the soil, preventing weeds from germinating due to the lack of sunlight. As a result, our landscape fabric allows you to minimize weed growth without chemical herbicides.

Reduces Water Evaporation

Our weed-control fabric is also useful for delaying water evaporation. By blocking the sun and slowing evaporation, the barrier keeps the soil moist for longer. The retained moisture can be especially helpful for plants during hot summer months when the soil is more likely to be dry.

Mitigates Soil Erosion

Weed fabric can help stabilize soil and prevent it from moving, preventing erosion. In areas with heavy rain, the fabric stops the water from washing away a significant amount of soil, which would otherwise lead to a loss of critical nutrients and fertilizers. Our landscape fabric can also be used for areas with steep slopes to provide stability.

Selecting the Ideal Landscape Fabric

Choosing the right weed control fabric for your landscaping means you get proper quality and longevity. Plus, you'll want landscape fabric that fits its intended purpose. Here are a few things you want to consider when choosing a weed barrier:

  • Material strength
  • Permeability
  • Durability
  • Heaviness or thickness

If you need help deciding on a weed fabric from our selection, our friendly team will take the time to understand your needs and make suggestions.

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Busy Beaver Building Centers is a trusted source of quality landscape fabric and exceptional service. You'll find a wide range of superior choices in our inventory to meet all your needs. In addition to providing excellent variety and quality products, we are committed to making your shopping experience as seamless as possible with expert advice and curbside pickup.

Choose us as your neighborhood home improvement center and take advantage of our everyday deals, loyalty program and much more!

Shop Our Landscape Fabric Today

Our landscape fabric can help reduce the time and effort spent managing weeds. Plus, it can benefit the health of your soil and garden. Ready to make your landscape a success? Visit our store in your neighborhood or browse our selection of quality weed fabrics and make a purchase today.

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